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Article Published In Vol.4 (March-April-2016)

Micropropagation of dendrobium barbatulum lindl. From axillary buds

Pages : 209-209

Author : Sr. Sagaya Mary .B and Dr. Divakar K.M.

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One of the most exciting and important aspects of In vitro cell and tissue culture is the capability to regenerate and propagate plants from cultured cells and tissues. The simplest type of In vitro plant propagation is the stimulation of axillary bud development, illustrated in the present chapter. This technique exploits the normal ontogenetic route for branch development by axillary buds. The axillary buds are treated with hormones to break dormancy and produce shoot branches. The shoots are then separated and rooted to produce plants. Alternatively, the shoots are used as propagules for further propagation.

Abbreviations: VW – Vacin and Went medium, B5 – Gamborg B5 medium, MS- Murashige and Skoog medium, KC – Knudson C, NAA – Naphthalene Acetic Acid, IAA – Indole Acetic Acid, BAP – Benzyl Amino Purine, AC – Activated Charcoal & CM–Coconut Milk




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