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Article Published In Vol.4 (Nov-Dec-2016)

Missive Liability for Radiation Protection during Atmospheric Dispersion Studies of Radioactive Pollutants

Pages : 1223-1228

Author : Adel.e.M.Elsawy and O. S Ahmed

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The damage is one of the missive Liability and is the harm done to persons in their money or bodies or in their feeling by worried, and meet the various legislations in should check the damage due to harm work to be injured than personal injury, And two types of damage, one of them material affects a person in financial or discharged in his body, And another injured in his feeling a person by worried, and it may meet double damage as a result of an adverse reaction one. We must be check the terms of legal, regulatory and certain damage when the a person expected to risk from atmospheric dispersion of radioactive materials in case of nuclear facilities accidents ,and to be capable of verification Otherwise, the injured and the protection of the law impossible for him to get what wanted of compensation. According to the regulations of International Atomic Energy Agency, atmospheric dispersion study for the release of radioactive gases and volatiles is an important contribution for various stages in the nuclear technology safety criteria. These stages are: Licensing requirements for the selection of nuclear reactor site, normal operating conditions stage, and finally, accidental release in case of reactor accident, and atmospheric dispersion models is important to identify the radiological risk assessment and emergency response.

Keywords: Missive Liability, Atmospheric Dispersion Studies, radiological risk assessment, Regulatory Aspects, Legal Aspects.



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