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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Mobile messaging through android phones: an empirical study to unveil the reasons behind the most preferred mobile messaging application used by college going students

Pages : 367-372

Author : Jashandeep Singh

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Mobile chatting is the most popular services over mobile phone networks. This paper intended to explore customers’ intention to use Mobile Messaging Applications (MMA) in India. The current study found that perceived expressiveness, perceived usefulness, perceived enjoyment and assortment of services to have significant relationship with intention to use MMA. This indicates that Indian students use mobile messaging to express themselves, to pass the time and assortment of the services in MMA. Perceived usefulness also plays a significant role in student’s intention to use MMA.

Keywords: Mobile Messaging Applications, Mobile Messaging Apps, MMA, expressiveness, usefulness, enjoyment, assortment of services.





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