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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Molecular Detection of Epstein Barr Virus among Multiple Myeloma Sudanese Patients in the Khartoum State

Pages : 976-979

Author : Elteleb G. Elnaim, Hager A. Saad, Osman A. Mohamed., Bedoor E. Abeed., Ali M. Edris, Sana E. Abdalla, Shamsoun K. Kafi, Alya A. Salman, Osman H. Musa, Lina Alnorany, Hassan A. Musa and Hameed Mohamed

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Multiple myeloma is one of hematological malignancies, specifically lymphoproliferative disorders that characterized by normal plasma cell transformed to neoplastic plasma cell, The pad consequences follow the malignant transformation by proliferation of the neoplastic plasma cell, Previous studies describe the EBV interfering or modulating with cellular DNA repairing mechanisms and could lead to genetic changing and manipulation in the infected cells, The goal of this study was to establishing molecular based detection of the EBV in the Sudanese multiple myeloma patients by using polymerase chain reaction as one of nucleic acid amplification technology in the Khartoum-Sudan. This a descriptive, retrospective hospital based study conducted in molecular biology research center lab at The National Ribat university, and biomedical research lab, faculty of medical lab sciences, University of Khartoum, during the period between January 2014 to March 2016, thereby 98 clinically as much as histopathologically diagnosed cases regardless to genders were included. It is worthy mentioned that the archival specimens include both dried bone marrow aspirate and trephine blocks. DAN was extracted then amplified using PCR detection of BLLF1 gene. The present study included 37 of multiple myeloma cases designated as group I , whereas group II included 22 lymphoma cases and group III included 03 acute myelocytic leukemia patients, the diagnosis of these patients were confirmed based upon WHO criteria of each of multiple myeloma, lymphoma and acute myelocytic leukemia respectively. Conventional PCR was used for detecting EBV genome via targeting BLLF1gene, the 37 multiple myeloma cases along with 03 cases of acute myelocytic leukemia were found to be negative P = 0.10, P = 0.21 correspondingly, whereas 22 cases of lymphoma were found to be positive for EBV genome, BLLF1 gene P = 0.001. Our study results may suggest that there is no possible association between EBV and multiple myeloma.

Keywords: Multiple myeloma, Epstein Barr virus, polymerase chain reaction, BLLF1 gene, Sudanese



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