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Article Published In Vol.6 (Jan-Feb-2018)

Moti Masjid: Pearl of Lahore Fort Complex, Lahore

Pages : 141-151, DOI:

Author : Samina Zia Sheikh

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Mughal architecture is distinguished by domes, arches, vaulted roofs and various other features and has no parallel in adornment. Gigantic structural and exceptionally detailed decorative artwork identifies the Mughals as the greatest contributors to the glory of Lahore. Moti Masjid in Lahore Fort, with a subtle touch of grace, delicacy and simplicity, expresses the story of a splendid period of building construction during Mughal era. This Mosque is constructed with white marble and embellished carefully. Delicate coloured frieze and carvings in marble and red sand stone expresses the excellent taste and careful selection of skill applied by the Mughal rulers to enhance its grace and beauty. Some sections of this epic architecture have been ragged or distorted by succeeding rulers and others are fading away due to the fierceness of the environment but still stand as a witness of Mughal splendour. This essay describes the documentation of existing structure of mosque and crash of various parts due to harshness of the weather and the gradual damage of this Mughal architectural treasure. The main emphasis of this essay is on documentation of every section of the structure highlighting its existence in the Fort complex, its embellishment, motifs, architectural features, utility and structural damages. Negligence of concerned authorities in the renovation is infuriating. Despite of the destruction by environmental issues and misuse, this building is still struggling with the destiny keeping a hope of re-examination of its past in the form of refurbishment. If a desired care will not be given and negligence continued, the mosque will suffer unrecoverable lose.

Keywords: Moti Masjid, Pearl of Lahore Fort, Adornment, Frescos, Mosaic, jinnāt



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