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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Multi Phase Synthesis of Planar Six Bar Mechanism with Rocker as Output Link

Pages : 818-821

Author : R.K.Kanakaraddi, M.D.Kulkarni and V.S. Konnur

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Now a day mechanical mechanisms are shows a crucial role in all domains. The ability of planar six bar mechanism, to generate various kinds of motion, can be greatly enhanced if it is made adjustable. In this paper, desired function is generated by adjusting the coupler length of a six bar mechanism. The adjustment is achieved by dividing the six bar mechanism into two phases namely phase – I and phase – II. The present work attempts to develop a procedure to compute the precision points using Chebychev spacing and then utilize them in obtaining the dimensions of the desired mechanism from Fruedenstein’s methods.

Keywords: Planar six bar mechanism, Adjustable link, fruedesteins method, synthesis procedure, Chebychiv spacing.






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