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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Multimedia Learning Science Development in improving the Problem Solving Skill of Elementary School Student

Pages : 793-797, DOI:

Author : Fitria Febriani, Yetti Supriyati and Ucu Cahyana

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This study aims to develop multimedia products and measure the effectiveness of multimedia in improving the problem solving skills of primary school students. The type of this research is development research that is by developing media product content of science matter of influence of heat 2 to change body shape and temperature. The research subjects consisted of 50 respondents in 5th grade. The development model used was Lee and Owens model which was adapted to the research with steps: 1) analysis, 2) multimedia design, 3) multimedia development, 4) empirical analysis, 5) implementation, 6) final product. Effectiveness test was conducted to measure problem solving skill through pre-test and post-test then processed using t-test. The result of t-test indicate that there is a difference of the mean value of pretest and posttest value with trust level α = 0.05, there is an increase of mean value or in other words, Ho is rejected, mean pre-test value 61.12 and average post-test value 75. Respondents also showed positive attitude using multimedia supported with the result of questionnaire response value 81% with criteria very good. Based on the results of effective multimedia used by learners in learning and improve problem solving skills.

Keywords: Science, multimedia, problem solving abilities



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