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Article Published In Vol.1 (Nov-Dec-2013)

Narcissism the nub of Sherlock & Moriarty by Doyle

Pages : 250-252

Author : Usha Jain and Megha Singh Tomar

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Narcissism is a malignant prodigy of Anti-Social Personality Disorder which is capitalized by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His opus are not merely minutiae of great Sherlock Holmes and his detections but are somber versions of psycho-sociopathy, dissocial personality maneuvering to narcissism and paradigms of narcissism which lay surreptitiously in his compositions. The present study pivots around meaning of Narcissism, its mythological origin, two fundamental degrees of classification i.e. healthy and unhealthy narcissism and evaluation of Holmes’s and Moriarity’s Narcissism. The focus of this research would be helpful to analyze and discover those socio-psychological and auxiliary aspects which are liable to metamorphose an innocent being into a narcissist. Doyle nurtures this ominous perception intermingling it with sundry hues of subsisting anthology of personage and manipulate it in his art with its copious arrays.

Keywords: Narcissism, Malignant prodigy etc.






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