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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Natural gas as an alternative fuel in marine steam turbine of AL-HAMRA LNG carrier

Pages : 836-840

Author : Eng. Mohammed M Al Asiri and Eng. Abdulrahman M AL-Qahtani

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This paper discusses the economic benefits of using natural gas as a fuel with marine steam turbine as a propulsion option for LNG carriers benefiting the boil-off gas that occurs during loaded voyage. It also aims at studying the possibility of replacing the heavy fuel tanks of the ship with liquefied natural gas which is makes it possible to gain about 4% to the cargo. Several studies have referred to the possibility of using the natural gas as an alternative fuel to the heavy fuel of the ship in the marine engines. The current research study analyzes and discusses the performance of steam turbine engines when using the natural gas compared to the different kinds of marine fuel )Heavy fuel oil ,Marine gas oil) . The study has shown that the liquefied natural gas saves about 90% of the operation costs compared to the consumption rate on using the heavy fuel. The study has also shown the decrease of emissions of about 57%, (CO2) with about 28% of carbon dioxide and it is void of the nitrogen oxides (NO2). The fears increase about the harmful effects arising from the wide use of the traditional fossil fuel in the marine fields and the internal combustion engines in general. This leads to the huge amount of efforts to look for the development of alternative source and renewable energy sources

Keywords: Natural gas, Emission etc.



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