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Article Published In Vol.4 (Jan-Feb-2016)

Novel Polymeric Membrane Sensor for Nickel Ions using Meloxicam Drug as Electroactive Material in a PVC Matrix

Pages : 75-79

Author : Sabah M Moltazem

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A novel PVC membrane sensor based on Meloxicam drug which is used as an electro active substance. Meloxicam has been used as ionophore for Nickel Ion Selective PVC Membrane Electrode. The electrode reveals a Nernstian response for Ni2+ over a wide pH range with linear portion ( 3.9 x 10-7-10-2 M) The sensor also shows a stable and selective potential response towards Nickel ions with a detection limit of 6.1x 10-7 M and anionic slope of 27.4 mV/ decade at 25 ○C. The selectivity coefficients of various interfering ions were determined the membrane reveals good selectivity for nickel ions over the other metal ions investigated. The lifetime of this electrode is about two months. This electrode has been applied to the determination of nickel ions in wastewater from the electroplating industry and alloy.

Keywords: PVC membrane sensor, Meloxicam drug etc.




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