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Article Published In Vol.6 (March-April-2018)

Optimization of Four Wheel Steering

Pages : 298-303, DOI:

Author : R.Vigneshwaran, K.Saalai Chaithanyan, N.Sathish, S.Prashanth and M.Parasaran

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A Four wheel steering system also known as Quadra steering system. In this paper, both front wheel and rear wheels can be steered according to speed other vehicle and space available for turning. Quadra steer gives full size vehicle greater ease while driving at low speed, improves stability, handling and control at higher speed. Production-built cars tend to under steer or, in few instances, overseer. If a car could automatically compensate for an under steer overseer problem, the driver would enjoy nearly neutral steering under varying conditions.

Keywords: Four Wheel Steering, Quadra Steering System, Optimization, Turning Radius, Body roll, understeer/Oversteer



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