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Article Published In Vol.6 (Jan-Feb-2018)

Overview of the Green Hydrogen Applications in Marine Power Plants Onboard Ships

Pages : 84-89, DOI:

Author : Nader R. Ammar and Nayef F. S. H. Alshammari

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The need for renewable and green energy sources to replace fossil fuel with the incrementally rising prices is driving many researchers to work on narrowing the gap between the most scientific innovative clean energy technologies and the concepts of feasibility and cost-effective solutions. The current paper aims to introduce one aspect of Green Energy; the use of Hydrogen as fuel for marine power plants, to replace all kinds of fossil fuels which are the major responsible of harmful emissions. There are three applications for hydrogen in marine field. These applications include hydrogen internal combustion engines, hydrogen gas turbines, and fuel cells. The main problems associated with the application of hydrogen in internal combustion engines are the engine knocking; air fuel ratio and intake temperature. The research programs for the application of hydrogen in gas turbines concentrate on studying the characteristics of hydrogen combustion inside gas turbine combustors. The third application of hydrogen is fuel cells. Huge developments have been achieved in this sector over the past few years. But for the marine field only the naval vessels market used it for auxiliary power generation.

Keywords: Green Hydrogen, ICE, Gas turbine, Fuel cell, Marine power plant



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