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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

Parametric Investigation of Gun Metal for Surface Roughness with Hybrid Abrasive Flow Machining Process

Pages : 736-741

Author : Rahul O Vaishya, R.S. Walia and P. Kalra

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Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) is an effective way to polish unsymmetrical, irregular/regular surfaces and interior structure of parts, which are difficult to reach by any conventional machining process. In this process abrasive laden visco elastic medium is extruded back and forth through the passages of the work-piece and tooling is fabricated to hold the workpiece firmely. Taguchi method, L9 is used to see the effect of various parameters. This abrasive laden visco elastic medium is mixture of polymer, gel and abrasives. In this investigation the key parameters abrasive size, number of cycles, Pressure and diameter of rod were varied and rotational speed is constant to see their effects on material removal. The objective of the present paper is to study the effect of process variables on surface finish. The percentage contribution of Pressure was significant and the highest contribution for the present setup and its contribution was 37.60% . The percentage contribution of Number of cycle was 31.16% for the Ra. As the number of cycles increases from 3 to 7, the Ra goes on increasing.

Keywords: AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining), Ra Surface finish, CFG centrifugal force generating, L9 Taguchi




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