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Article Published In spl.2006

Perception of Young Consumers towards Social Media Marketing

Pages : 75-80, DOI:

Author : Sonia and Komal Rani

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The way that advertisements appear on social media greatly affects how consumers experience them. The purpose of the study is to comprehend how consumers view social media marketing. To properly comprehend the young consumer perception of social media, businesses and digital marketing need to have extensive knowledge of how consumers engage with social media marketing. Marketers today employ a variety of strategies to draw in customers. One way for marketers to not only impact their customers but also determine their demographics and capture their attention by displaying advertisements based on those insights is through the use of social media advertising. A descriptive research methodology was used for this study. A purposive sampling technique was used to choose the sample of 100 individuals from Haryana. The least number of respondents disagreed that ‘Social media advertisements are more interactive than traditional advertising’. Most respondents do agree, however, that social media marketing gives consumers sufficient information.

Keywords: Perception, Youngsters, Consumers, Social Media Marketing



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