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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Performance Measurement Factors for Steel Casting Industries in Vidarbha Region-India

Pages : 7-13

Author : Ketki Kaskhedikar, Mrunal Ingle and Mamta Pawar

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The study aims to investigate the Performance Measurement Factors (PMFs) for Steel Casting Industry in Vidarbha Region-India. The term ‘PMF’ is defined as an effectiveness of the project or performance in industries and said as effectiveness factors. The literature was reviewed to find out items relevant for Steel Casting Industries. Data analysis technique was carried out by using one of the popular analysis methods for qualitative research works. The results on the PMFs for Steel Casting Industries can be grouped into 4 factors:. 1) Process Performance, 2) Productivity Improvement, 3) Business Results, 4) Employee Development Each of these 4 factors includes several important attributes that can assist to enhance efficiency of Steel Casting Industries. It is an effort to lead functions of a Steel Casting Industry in all levels to the same directions for achieving the success and to make Managers and executives know what they have to do for the success of Steel Casting Industry.

Keywords: Performance Measurement Factor; Steel Casting Industry







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