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Article Published In Vol.2 (May-June-2014)

Performance of Negative Sentences with regard to Learners Proficiency Levels

Pages : 549-554

Author : Maliheh Yazdfazeli and Daniel Maleckzadeh

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One of the characteristics of each educational system which can have a great influence on learners’ developmental process is teaching methodology. Teaching methodology embraces ecology and educational environment. The developmental and interactional nature of syntactic features with miscellaneous factors takes account for the complexity of the concept of syntax. The quality of learning is related to both teaching methodology and the objectives of the curriculum. The purpose of the study revolved around three aspects: pathology, recognizing criteria of negation sentences of EFL learners. In pathology part, factors such as quality of teaching, educational sources, teachers’ expertise, measurement, and managing learners were attended and discussed. According to learners and teachers’ viewpoint, managing learners, quality of teaching, educational output, expertise, personality, and educational policies were the main recognizing criteria. Finally, the underlying elements of L2 negation sentences are discussed in which an emphasis is put on research-based education, problem-solving ability, advocating competent learners and many similar factors. The findings of this study can be useful for teachers as well as the educational programmers to improve the quality of language teaching.

Keywords: Teaching methodology, development, L2 structure, negative utterances, L1





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