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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Physico-Chemical and Heavy Metal Content of Tidal-Polluted Creek, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria

Pages : 128-133

Author : Ogungbile Peter O, Adepoju Adeyinka O., Femi-Adepoju Abiola G. and Adewumi Aderiike

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To assess the water pollution within Ijora Creek situated in Lagos, Nigeria, the physico-chemical parameters and total concentrations of four (4) heavy metals: lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Management (Mn) and Nickel (Ni) were determined in the surface water of the Creek using standard methods. Water samples were collected for a period of three (3) consecutive months bi-weekly from two sampling locations within the Creek at high tide. The ranges of the parameters measured were as follows: temperature (30.5 – 340C), turbidity (3.0 – 99.0NTU), Nitrate (26 – 63.5mg/L), Phosphate (7.0 – 24.6mg/L) Sulphate (12.0 – 49.0mg/L), Dissolved Oxygen (1.2 – 4.2mg/L) Chemical Oxygen Demand (4.5 – 840mg/L), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (4.0 – 460mg/L). Concentrations of Heavy metals in water samples were: Lead (Pb) (0.3 – 7.2mg/L), Copper (Cu) (1.07 – 12.72mg/L,) and Manganese (Mn) (0.14 – 4.10mg/L). The high level of heavy metals reflected the impact of domestic and industrial wastes on the creek. The level of organic pollution were suspected to have arisen due to daily human activities around the creek as observed and this will not only threaten the aquatic life of the Creek but will also affect the aesthetic beauty of Ijora Creek and environs.

Keywords: Polluted water, Physico-chemical Parameters, Heavy metals and Creek.



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