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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

Political Empowerment of the Bodo Women in the Present Context

Pages : 762-764

Author : B. Swargiary, Dr. J. Boro and Prof. B. Narzaree

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Women are no less than men in any sector. Some decades ago women were limited to the kitchen. Today women have made their presence felt virtually in every field. Women empowerment is in fact the ability of women to exercise full control over’s one’s actions. In the present time men alone cannot keep the place of development confined without them. If the society wants to develop all rounds the contribution for development should come from women also. They can play vital role in community development. In case of Bodo women in the development of the society is significant from the political point of view. The Bodos are struggled long time for the development of their language, literature culture and political autonomy. The Bodo women also have been considered as an important part of all movement. The involvement of Bodo women in the political history was first noticed by participation in the Roman Scrip movement in 1974-75. The Bodo women seemed to have played a very significant role in Bodo movements. They participate in large number in the struggle that the community has been engaged into gain political self determination and to assert its ethnic and nationalistic pride and identity. In the participation of movement Bodo women make them consciousness in the political field, society and other fields.

Keywords: Identity, Empowerment, Development, Society, Political, Movement, pride.




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