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Article Published In Vol.1 (Sept-Oct-2013)

Progressive Transmission Techniques in Medical Imaging

Pages : 74-80

Author : Archana J.N

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Progressive Transmission of an image permits the gradual improvement in the quality. When the size of the image has to be more the progressive transmission helps in restoring the actual quality of the image. This can be used in Medical Image transmission in order to maintain the quality of the image transmission. Also it can be used for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).It can be used to achieve high effective compression ratio by eliminating the need to transmit the unnecessary portion of the images when the transmission is interrupted. This technique is particularly useful where the bandwidth of the channel is limited and the amount of data is large. In order to send image data progressively, the data should be organized hierarchically in the order of importance, for example from the global characteristics of an image to the local detail. In this paper the various methods used in the progressive transmission of medical images are analyzed and a Haar wavelet –based image transmission scheme which uses the discrete wavelet transform to transform a digital image from spatial domain into frequency domain done. The concurrent computing used here has significantly reduced the computation time overhead as well as the transmission time to a great level.

Keywords: Progressive Transmission, HEDI, Discrete Wavelet Transformation, Haar wavelet



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