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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Pulmonary Function Parameters of Football Players and Age Matched Controls

Pages : 486-488

Author : Mukhwinder Singh, Vishaw Gaurav, Pankaj Bhanot and Sandeep

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The purpose of this study was to compare the pulmonary function parameters between football players and age matched control. A sample of forty (N=40) school going boys (football: N1=20, mean ± SD: age 16.75± 0.72 years, height 161.50 ± 1.50 cm, weight 55.62 ± 1.36kg, BMI 21.33± 0.53) and Controls: N2=20, mean ± SD: age 16.95±0.89 years, height 157.95 ± 1.67cm, weight 50.62±1.36 kg, BMI 20.29±0.30) were selected from different schools of Punjab, India. All participants were informed about aim and methodology of the study and they volunteered to participate in this study. The age of each subject was calculated from the date of birth as recorded in his school. Height measurements were taken by using the standard anthropometric rod to the nearest 0.5 cm. The subject’s weight was measured with portable weighing machine to the nearest 0.5 kg. Pulmonary functions were measured with a computerized spirometer. The independent samples t-test was applied to assess the differences between football players and controls. The results of present study indicated that football players had significantly greater height (p<0.05), body weight (p<0.05), body mass index (p<0.05), forced vital capacity (p<0.05), maximum voluntary ventilation (p<0.05) and peak expiratory flow rate (p<0.05) as compare to controls. It is concluded that the exercise has clear impact on pulmonary function variables.

Keywords: Football, players, controls, pulmonary.




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