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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

Ranking of Commercial Banks in Uganda: A Comparative Analysis

Pages : 1219-1222

Author : Tebajjukira Annet and Dr. Joji Chandran

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The main aim of this study is to analyze the profitability ratios of the selected commercial banks in Uganda and rank the banks to find out which bank among the five is more profitable. The study is carried out for a period of eight years (2006-2013). The ratios have been calculated by the authors and the banks were ranked according to their overall means. The findings show that; in return on assets, Crane bank has the highest mean ((6.875) and is ranked first, followed by Centenary bank with a mean of ((4.7625) and DFCU bank is the last with a mean of ((2.9625). For return on equity, Stanbic bank is ranked 1st (41.8625) and DFCU 5th. In Net operating margin; Centenary bank is ranked 1st and DFCU 5th. In Earnings per share; Centenary bank is ranked 1st and Crane 5th.

Keywords: Return on assets, Return on equity, Net operating margin, Earnings per share, JEL Code: G21, E59




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