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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Re-Defining the Status of Black American Women in Sula by Morrison

Pages : 173-175

Author : Usha Jain and Gazi Tareq Muzamil

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Toni Morrison as a novelist is inquisitive about the freedom of mind and soul of black Americans. Her novels furnish themselves to feminist interpretation because they challenge the cultural norms of class, gender and race. Blacks are mentally, socially, and economically paralyzed by the centuries of slavery. Morrison’s expedition as a writer is to awaken her community to immense possibilities of life; she offers them by recreating past for the benefit of present. Morrison has objectively pictured the need for change within the black community by juxtaposing Sula and her community, which represents the polarity of ideology. The trust of the research is on the vociferous insubordination of black women against oppression, tyranny and conformity. Sula Peace is a new world black woman decocting choice from choicelessness, responding inventively for change. Sula Chronicles a community in which black woman is dominant. Sula Peace is being conceived as an average woman with the constraints of her community yet Sula is the real symbol of modern black femnine world. She is coming out of her subservient status, demanding dignity in her own community and at the same time creating a new global identity.

Keywords: Negro, Orthodoxy, Conformity, Oppression, Womannist







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