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Article Published In Vol.11 (Jan-Feb 2023)

Real-Time simulation microgrid model for Solar Photovoltaic

Pages : 32-35, DOI:

Author : Mohammed Abdulhadi Almahdi Alsaddeeq

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This paper is covering the works for Real-Time simulation of a DC micro grid system in Solar PV. Conventionally, centralized generation stations are widely implemented in the electricity generation. With the growing awareness of environment issues, the impacts of connecting distributed generations to micro grid are evaluated. Under this circumstance, the main purpose of this paper is to develop a functional Real-Time simulation micro grid model, and also its corresponding control strategies to stabilize the voltage output produced from different types of Distributed Generators and Battery Storage System. The micro grid model is developed using Simulink, meanwhile, three case studies concerning normal operation, PV sudden drop have been conducted. The outcomes from Simulink have confirmed its ability to handle fault occurrence to one distributed generator without influencing other generators and the grid connected.

Keywords: Distributed Generation, Micro-grid, Real-Time Simulation, Photovoltaic Generation, and DC/DC Converter.



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