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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Reduction of Transmission Losses based on Optimal Power Flow using Genetic Algorithm

Pages : 769-772

Author : Shahrouz Oghaziyan, Masoud rashidi Nejad and Amir Abdollahi

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In order to a proper distribution of sources in power network, many methods have been proposed. The importance of this issue and the direct impact on power control in network, it needs a useful inexpensive and exact method. In this paper it is presented an effective and efficient method to power optimized distribution in network based on Genetic Algorithm that simultaneously solves the economic dispatch in power network.the target function in power distribution is composed of three main parameters that has a direct impact on the power grid that consist of transmission loses, voltage profiles and voltage stability.The objective function of Economic Dispatch problem Min cost of fuel Is simply a function of degree2 in plant productivity has been shown Finally, the proposed algorithm on an IEEE 30 buses network implementation and results are presented.

Keywords: Genetic algorithm, optimal power flow, voltage profile





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