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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Relationship of Computer Game Addiction with Loneliness and Aggression Level in Adolescents

Pages : 1379-1382

Author : Nupur Agarwal, Sonam Sanger and Dr. Nadeem Luqman

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In this advanced technology era, computer games have their own impact on the human life. People of all ages enjoy these games and draw an immense pleasure from them. With the advancement in these computer games, the time adolescents devote to these games results in increased level of addiction. The present study is an attempt to investigate the relationship of computer game addiction with loneliness and aggression level in adolescents. The sample consisted of 100 participants and the tools used were Computer Game Addiction Scale (CAS) (Lemmens et al. 2009), UCLA Loneliness Scale (Russell et al. 1978) and Aggression Questionnaire (AQ) (Buss& Perry, 1992).The results reveal that there is no significant relationship between Computer Game Addiction and Loneliness as well as on the Aggression levels in adolescents.

Keywords: Computer Game Addiction, Loneliness, Aggression



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