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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

Relationship with Self Concept and Regulations on Social Skills Students of Class III District SDS Pati

Pages : 802-807, DOI:

Author : Ester Terviana, Syarif Sumantri, Soegeng Santoso and Elindra Yetti

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The purpose of this research is to know the relation between concept and self-regulation with social skill of third grade student of SDS in Pati Regency, West Java Province This research use descriptive method with correlation approach, with sample number 95 students of class III in Regency Starch The results showed that: 1) There is a significant relationship between self-concept with social skills. This means that the higher the self-concept of the child, the higher the social skills of the child, 2) There is a significant relationship between the child’s self-regulation with the social skills of the child. This means better self-regulation of children, the better the social skills, 3) There is a significant relationship together between self-concept and self-regulation with social skills. This means the better the self-concept and self-regulation, the better the child’s social skills. Conversely, the lower the self-concept and self-regulation of children, the lower the social skills of children.

Keywords:Self-concept, self-regulation, and social skill



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