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Article Published In Vol.10 (Jan-Feb 2022)

Resilience and Gender Differences

Pages : 15-18, DOI:

Author : Phaguni Kataria

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Resilience is an ability of an individual to withstand any setback or mental plight that he/she bears in life. Resilience holds considerable significance in one’s life and provides strength to bounce back. There exists a good many piece of research that elucidate the concept of resilience and types of resilience and its impact. There were no significant numbers of researches that could unveil how gender discrepancy is related with the degree of resilience. This piece of research aims to study ‘Degree of resilience between males and females. Thereby, carrying out an intense literature review and data analysis of the parameters considered. The major objectives of this piece of research involve: To draw an understanding on how both the genders react to a setback. To study the reasons for discrepancy between both genders and to analyze the effect of resilience on males and females. The targeted sample comprises males and females between the age range of 20-30 years. Our findings indicate that there exists no significant difference in degree of resilience in males and females.

Keywords: resilience, research, setback, mental plight, males and females.



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