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Article Published In Vol.11 (Jan-Feb 2023)

Resource-use Practices Influencing Inter-Ethnic Conflicts in Nakuru County, Kenya

Pages : 87-94, DOI:

Author : Zipporah Kerubo Momanyi, Ruth, N. Simiyu and Kizito Muchanga

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Globally, conflicts arising from resource-use are increasingly becoming common. These generated inter-ethnic violence that have caused death, strained relations among communities, led to loss of property, displacements, slowed economic growth and increased sex-related crimes. Despite the government, local communities, and NGOs among other institutions putting effort to minimize conflicts, they are yet to find a lasting solution. This paper was geared towards examining the nature and extent of resource-use practices influencing inter-ethnic conflicts in Nakuru County, Kenya. The study used three theories, Incompatibility of Plural Society theory, Greed versus Grievance Theory and Primordialism Theory. The sample size for the study was 246 respondents. The study concludes that resource-use practices influence inter-ethnic conflicts in Nakuru County, Kenya. It further recommends that the major factors for nature and extent of resource-use practices on inter-ethnic conflicts be addressed by both national and county government right from the grass root level with the help of community members.

Keywords: Resources, Conflict, Inter ethnic, Peace, Violence.



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