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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Review of Challenges and Reforms for Punjab Agricultural Economy

Pages : 629-634

Author : Mohit Kumar and Vipan

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Punjabi society is most globalised, while its economy is least globalised. It has a relatively developed agriculture without much direct linkages with the industrial development. During sixties, India‚Äôs agriculture experienced a spectacular increase in production, especially, in that of wheat and rice. It was mainly through an increase in productivity per hectares of these crops. The jump in the rate of increase in productivity of these crops was so sudden and conspicuous that some economists termed the new change as ‘Green Revolution’ The main benefits of green revolution were: Increase in food grain output, increase in market surplus, generation of more employment opportunities in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, having such great benefits green revolution was not a blessing for the farmers in Punjab. It added lots of problems in the lives of the farmers and made their life full of misery. Punjab has produced a number of paradoxes. The thrust of the paper is to suggest agricultural reforms for future course of growth and development for agriculture sector and ways and means to improve sustainability of agriculture production.

Keywords: Challenges and Reforms, Agricultural Economy etc




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