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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

Review of Solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems

Pages : 490-492

Author : Yagya Dutt Sharma and Pramod Bhatia

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The burning of fossil fuels has caused and is still causing great damage to environment. Some of its effects felt globally are: global warming, depletion of ozone layer and climate change. The ever expanding demand of air cooling for human comforts in hot and humid climates is of great concern. Most of this demand is met by the conventional cooling systems which consume electrical energy, which in turn leads to burning of fossil fuels and hence greenhouse gas which cause depletion of ozone layer are emitted in large quantities. Cooling systems based on solar power have certain advantages over the conventional ones as they don’t release any gas which depletes ozone layer or cause global warming. This paper discusses the progress of cooling systems based on solar energy.

Keywords: Fossil Fuel, Solar Energy etc.




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