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Article Published In Vol.10 (Sept-Oct 2022)

RFID Logistics Technology Solicitation in Oil Drilling in Saudi Arabia Energy Industry

Pages : 411-417, DOI:

Author : Shougi Suliman Abosuliman

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Enterprises seek new ways to introduce tracking components into their products to solve logistical problems, and to gain an edge on the competition with user-friendly solutions. Radio frequency identification systems (RFID) technology enables automatic identification and localisation processing of objects by utilising radio frequency technology to wirelessly transfer data about the object to a computer. In this paper, the impact of RFID in Saudi’s energy industry especially in oil drilling processes is investigated. Experimental research method was used to achieve its objectives. First, the nature of RFID technology in general and in Saudi Aramco is discussed. Subsequently, a Saudi oil company’s activities are explored, highlighting a common issue the company shares with the oil drilling industry, that is, logistics in the supply of correct drill bits on site. Relevant RFID technology is then identified and its usefulness to the drilling industry now and in the future is explored. The logistics of implementing RFID technology is deliberated, as this requires a tiered or structured approach to allow for immediate benefits and future RFID applications.

Keywords: RFID Logistics technology; radio frequency identification; oil industry; energy exploration; drilling technology; Supply Chain Management; Saudi Aramco; Saudi Arabia



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