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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Role of Dr. Ambedkar for the betterment of the Scheduled Caste and Tribe after Independent India

Pages : 985-987

Author : Mahesh, Dr. Anil Kr. Thakur and Dr. Bina Kumari

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In the ancient under the class division (hierarchy) time, all the right and work of all the class was decided. Initially this was according to the work done by the people but later it me as per the family to which a person is born, the result of which is the caste system and as time passed these caste also were divided into sub castes. The biggest disadvantage of this system was that one who was born in this caste or sub Caste had to die in the same. The financial condition of the dalits was so bad that it showed in their food, clothing and shelter, it showed that they were the most financial suppressed lot.Culturally they were always humiliated. This humiliation went so for that a dalits could not keep a good name for their children .In this situation they could not even dream of any. political/constructional themselves. Illiteracy was another reason that made there cease of the politics that was gurjar. In short the situation of the Dalits is the society was deplorable for this the Dalitis were not to be blamed. It was Dr. Ambedkar who fought for the right of the Dalits to enter temples and take water from wells. Dr. Ambedkar was aware of the importance of education. This was the reason that he initialed many public movements to promote education create awareness etc. so that the educated Dalits could go into the society and follow the policy of create awareness.In 1936 Dr. Ambedkar founded the Independent. Labour party which later was converted to Indian Republican Party with the help of this political party he wanted the Dalits also to have a say in political state of the country. Dr. Ambedkar get the opportunity to draft the constitution of India where he was successful in providing equal status of the Dalits and also introduced reservations for the member of lower caste so as develop the Dalit Communities. He was made the law minister in Pandit Nehru Government and he put forward the Hindu Code Bill in the LokSabha which was opposed by the representative of the Sawarn Hindu Group as a result of which it could not be passed in the LokSabha. Saddened by this Dr. Ambedkar resigned from the cabinet in 1951. Under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar there was a growing awareness among the Dalits and also his movement made the govt. aware of the situation of the Dalits and made it take some actions to bring about same improvements.In 1955 the Central Govt passed a law to abolish untouchability and similar law was also made in the other states of the country. According to this law those who advocated untouchability would be punished. In order to educate the Dalits many boarding house and lodging were made available for the students fed up with the caste system among the Hindus Dr. Ambedkar made an announcement that “Unfortunately I am a Hindu to prevent this was not in my car hot” but I can assure you with guarantee that I will not die as a Hindu”.

Keywords: Character-system, Untouchability Act, Mahad Satyagraha, SC and ST Commission, Sovereignty rich Democratic Republic




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