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Article Published In Vol.5 (Sept-Oct-2017)

Sanitation Practices on Students Health: A Case Study of Students of Vocational and Technical Education in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Pages : 1120-1125

Author : Nwakile, Toochukwu C., Eze, Celestina C. and Okanya Arinzechukwu V.

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This study was designed to examine the effects of sanitation practises on students’ health. A case study research design was adopted for the study. It was done in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Four research questions guided the study. The population for the study was 197 students in the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education. Non stratified ransom sampling technique was used to select 100 students comprising of 20 students each from the five departments in the faculty of Vocational and Technical Education. Questionnaire consisting of 30 items was used to elicit information from the respondents. The questionnaire was validated by three experts. Cronbach alpha was used to determine the reliability of the instrument which yielded 0.76 coefficients. The data collected was analysed using mean statistics. The study identified various causes of poor sanitation, the effects of sanitation on student health, the ways in which the school management has provided equipment/facilities to enhance sanitation as well as the strategies for improving school sanitation so as to reduce the negative effects of poor sanitation on student health. The study recommended the following; the school management has to ensure that the various ways of improving sanitation within the institution are used in synergy, the school management has to ensure that those in charge of cleaning the school environment are adequately monitored as well as adequate provision of funds by the Government for the procurement of facilities that will enhance proper sanitation.

Keywords: Sanitation, School sanitation, Basic sanitation, Sanitation types/ systems



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