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Article Published In Vol.4 (Sept-Oct-2016)

Sea Water Pollution in Ports and its Effect on Cargo Operation (Alex Harbor as Case of Study)

Pages : 902-909

Author : Tamer Ali Elgohary

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Water pollution in Egypt is major problem because it affects people health and on their productivity rate. Water pollution has many point and point sources such as acid rains, pesticides, agricultural waste, sewage and industrial water disposal. Alexandria city is one of the major cities in Egypt and it has one of its most important and largest ports which is Alexandria port. As a result of the water pollution Alexandria port suffer from its consequences and from its negative health effects. The negative side effects of water pollution on human health which decrease labors efforts in cargo operation processes, cargo operation processes can be represented in the form of cargo handling rate along the year. This research aimed in first place to correlate the relation between water pollution different items and cargo operation processes for particular period in form of charts and a group of recommendations which were stated at the end of the paper in order to give mythology to avoid such problem.

Keywords: Water pollution, ports cargo operation, Alex harbor, Dekhila port.



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