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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Secure Data Transfer through a Combination of Steganographic and Cryptographic Encryption Technique

Pages : 38-41

Author : Swasti Saxena

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Security for information has become a great concern in today’s internet era. Thus sending sensitive information from one end to another end via common communicating channel has become inevitable. Steganography has various useful applications and the technique employed depends on the requirements of the application to be designed for. For instance applications may require absolute invisibility of the secret data, larger secret data to be hidden or high degree of robustness of the carrier. This paper aims at studying popular encryption techniques and their drawbacks due to which they could not be put to practical use along with a proposed method of successfully encrypting information both in image and text format combing their successful delivery to the destination using steganographic and cryptographic techniques of information encryption

Keywords: Secure Data Transfer, Steganographic and Cryptographic Encryption Technique etc




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