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Article Published In Vol.2 (Jan-Feb-2014)

Security in MANET: Vulnerabilities, Attacks & Solutions

Pages : 62-68

Author : Sachin Lalar

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A MANET is an infrastructure-less type network, which consists of number of mobile nodes with wireless network interfaces. In MANET nodes can directly communicate to all other nodes within the radio communication range. If a node could not have direct communication then they can use intermediate nodes to communicate with other nodes. Though each node in MANET will act as host as well as router, the security is a major issue and the chances of having the vulnerabilities are also more In this paper we discuss various types of vulnerabilities in MANET. Different types of attacker attempts different approaches to decrease the network performance, throughput. In this paper the principal focus is on routing and security issues associated with mobile ad hoc networks which are required in order to provide secure communication.

Keywords: MANET, Security, vulnerabilities, Attacks, Solutions








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