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Article Published In Vol.5 (Sept-Oct-2017)

Skills required by Youths for Employment in Green Jobs in the Agricultural Sector (Grassland Management and Agritourism) in Anambra State, Nigeria

Pages : 1012-1018

Author : Ejiofor, Toochukwu. E., Nwakile, Toochukwu. C and Ali Christian. C

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Youth unemployment in Anambra state has led to negative effects such as underdevelopment and increased crime rate. It became imperative to find solutions to the issue of youth unemployment in the state. Green jobs have helped in reducing youth unemployment in other locations although the skills need to be ascertained before it is adopted as a tool for employment in the state. Hence, the study sought to identify the skills required by youths for employment in green jobs in Anambra state. Two research questions were posed to guide the study while two null hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted survey research design. It was carried out in Anambra state. The population for the study was 121 made up of 77 lecturers and 44 extension agents. Due to the manageable size of the population, the entire 121 respondents were involved in the study. Structured questionnaire was employed as instrument for data collection. The instrument was face validated by five experts. Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of 0.71 was obtained for the instrument. Data was collected by the researcher with the help of four research assistants. Data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for answering the research questions. Based on the data analyzed, the study identified skills required by youths in two green jobs. Ten skills were identified in grassland management and nine skills were identified in forestry management. The study recommended among others that;Tertiary institutions must ensure that they encourage members of the academic board to go into research in green jobs/skill requirement to further increase the opportunities of youths getting employed in green jobs

Keywords: Green jobs, Green skills, Agricultural sector, Grassland management, Agritourism



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