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Article Published In Vol.8 (March-April-2020)

Socio-Economic Impact of Karakoram Highway on People’s Life (A case study of Aliyabad-Hunza Gilgit, Pakistan)

Pages : 253-260, DOI:

Author : Muhammad Abbas, Amika Wardana S.Sos., M.A, Pd.D, and Dr. Supardi S.Pd, M.Pd

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This document contains the research of Karakorum Highway which is an international highway and being researched enormously, but this research covers the socio-economic impacts of this highway. This research investigates the information about old Karakorum highway, the perception of the local people. Changes in life pattern of people that evolved after Karakorum highway are investigated. The changing patterns in social life of people like communication pattern, transportation, marriage pattern etc. are also investigated. The changes in economic patterns are found like exports of goods, job opportunities, tourism etc. along with the previous subsistence sphere to the current. The changes that are inculcated in their indigenous culture, were necessity with respect to time. The other factors like people’s encounter to other cultures got boost up, education system, technological advancement etc. are being added to this society. They learned the technicalities and skilled labour techniques after the formation of Karakoram Highway like people came to know about life saving drugs and got access to medical facilities which have saved many lives. Other factors which are negatively affecting Pakistan’s economy are terrorism, formation of Atta Bad Lake. Sectarian violence is one of the other factors which diminished the tourism local as well as internationally. Drugs and arms are also being transported to this province which in turn destabilizes society. One of the fact was found that its construction was not up to the mark most of the local people were not satisfied with its construction.

Keywords: Kkh, Socio-economic, GDP, FWO.etc.



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