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Article Published In Vol.3 (March-April-2015)

Stability of North African Region

Pages : 271-274

Author : Muhammadolim Muhammadsidiqov

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The events that began in Tunisia in January 2011 and spread to Egypt and then Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Syria, and beyond, shook the security and stability foundations of the Middle East. The aftershocks of the revolution still loudly resonate throughout the region. The impact of the Arab Spring brought about a dormant, yet inherently alarming vulnerability to the region: preservation of domestic and regional stability. As the waves of the Arab Spring reach far beyond the countries in transition, local and regional powers are fast discovering that—through geography, history, national interest, or ideology—the Arab Spring is reshaping the entire region and its social and political sense of security.

Keywords: Africa, The Word Maghreb, North Africa, Middle East, Arab Spring, Islamist movement, Ethnic and racial conflicts, Civil War, Arabization, Sudan and South Sudan




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