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Article Published In Vol.5 (Sept-Oct-2017)

Strategic training and development and organization performance- A critical analysis

Pages : 1181-1184

Author : Ooko George Oduor and Dr. Rev. Willis Otuya

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In this global world, the business environment has changed with intense pressure on organizations to become competitive. Organizations that wish to be successful should confront with increased competition resulting from economic environments, changes in technology and globalization. The survival of an organization thus lies with its ability to train and develop its human resource to be innovative, creative and inventive for enhancement of organization performance. For training and development to be effective in an organization, it must be aligned to the overall business strategy leading to the concept of strategic training and development. Training and development needs assessment is also imperative towards the success of an organization. Strategic training and development thus focuses on the design and implementation of training and development systems to successfully impact organizational performance. Critical review of literature shows that little if any is known about the relationship of strategic training and development on organization performance. Most of the studies have isolated training and development thus relating them to either employees’ performance or organizational performance. This study therefore critically examined the existing gap which necessitated a further study on the relationship between strategic training and development on organization performance. The study reviewed existing literature on training and development using desktop research design.

Keywords: strategic training and development, organizational performance, training needs, training needs assessment, training and development programmes



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