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Article Published In Vol.5 (Nov-Dec-2017)

Structure and dynamics of Myxosporeans (Myxozoa:Myxosporea) population, parasites of Barbus callipterus Boulenger, 1907(Cyprinidae) in Soudano-guinean zone of Cameroon

Pages : 1416-1425

Author : FONKWA Georges, TCHUINKAM Timoléon, NCHOUTPOUEN Elysée and TCHOUMBOUE Joseph

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In order to contribute to a better mastery and understanding of fish pathologies mainly myxosporeans infestations, so as to plan fighting strategies, 305 specimens of Barbus callipterus were sampled from May 2016 to May 2017 in Mapé River (Sanaga basin, Adamawa-Cameroon). Fishes sampling and conservation were classical while myxosporeans species were identified morphologically. A total of 13 species belonging to 4 genera (Myxobolus, Myxidium, Henneguya, Thelohanellus) were identified. Out of 305 specimens examined, 140 were significantly infested by Myxobolus spp giving the prevalence of 45.90%. Irrespective of the parasite species, 147 fishes were infested (Prevalence = 48.20%). Three parasites species were secondary (10% ≤ Prevalence ≤ 50%) namely Myxobolus pseudodispar, M. sp 10, and M. umidus whereas the 10 others were scarce (Prevalence < 10%). The prevalences of species varied very considerably from 0.65 % in M. muelleri and M. pharyngeus to 14.10 % in M. pseudodispar. The host sex, class size and season did not influence the parasitism. However, M. sp2 was significantly present during dry season. Kidneys of 209 fishes were infested (Prevalence = 68.20%) making it the most parasitized organs beside the 6 others target organs. Moreover kidneys harbored all parasites species. Organ broad spectrum was noticed for Myxobolus sp10 (infested 5 organs over 7). Fishes were very significantly monoinfested than polyinfested. The awareness about the effects of endogenous and exogenous factors on myxosporeans infestations can help to plan the fight strategies before domestication of Barbus callipterus in order to boost its production.

Keywords: Myxosporeans, Prevalence,Barbus callipterus, Mapé River, Cameroon



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