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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Studies of Resistance of Wheat Varieties against Fusarium Disease: As an example of Karakalpakistan Republic

Pages : 88-91

Author : N.S. Xaytbayeva

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The article deals with the studies of resistance levels of 13 varieties of regionated and 12 types of local wheat against the fusarium disease in the condition of Karakalpakistan region. The disease was estimated in 5 pointed scale. The resistance of wheat sorts against the fusarium disease was determined through the quantity of separated fungi types which belong to Fusarium family. Totally the following fungi types which belong to Fusarium family were separated from wheat: F.oxysporum. F.graminearum, F.soloni, F.javanicum, F.heterorsopum, F.verticilloides, F.avenacium, F.culmorum, F.sambucinum

Keywords: Wheat Varieties etc.



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