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Article Published In Vol.11 (March-April 2023)

Study of Phytotoxic Properties of Pathogenic Fungi in Eggplants

Pages : 200-206, DOI:

Author : N. Khaitbaeva, N. Azimova, J.Sherkulova , X. Khamidova, Kh. Karimov , R. Kodirova2 and Z. Zufarova

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The article studied the negative effect of phytotoxins formed by pathogenic fungi on the eggplant plant, on them by artificially damaging plant seeds. According to the research results, it was found that all 15 mushrooms have a negative effect on the germination and growth of eggplant seeds. Among these fungi are strain A. terreus 4/13, strain F. verticillioides 3/4, strain Fusarium sp. It was found that mushrooms of strain 4/5 have the strongest phyotoxic properties. Due to the strong phytotoxic properties of these mushrooms in relation to eggplant seeds, the seeds have lost their edibility.

Keywords: Eggplant, lily, phytotoxin, root, stem, alternariosis, late blight, fusarium white rot, gray rot.



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