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Article Published In Vol.4 (May-June-2016)

Syncretism of dissimilar Arches in Lahore Fort Complex

Pages : 508-518

Author : Samina Zia Sheikh

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Mughal era in Sub-continent appeared as a landmark of Mughal dynasty. The royal taste which they produced expresses a thoughtful level of imagination and skill. In Lahore Fort syncretism of dissimilar architectural elements provide dynamic aesthetical experience. Forcefulness of architectural design is achieved not only by employing technical expertise but also artistic implementations of patterns equally in construction as well as surface decorations. Ideal play of geometry and symmetry appears in the form of arches. Systematic use of dissimilar arches constructed in diverse phases and eras unfold the unity and harmony that is very skillfully and consciously applied to all the structures of the Lahore Fort complex which was constructed by various rulers at different times. Mughal architecture is measured as visual art like painting and sculpture, because it evolves a strong sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship. . This investigation focuses how diverse designs of arches employed in the complex show syncretism where Mughal builders very consciously attempted resolution and blending of different and opposing principles to bring harmony. Mughal builders planed buildings using an artistic course by which they maneuvered art elements to create an amalgamated and pleasing artistic account.

Keywords: Lahore Fort, Syncretism, Arches, Dissimilarity, Harmony.




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