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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

Synthesis and Characterisation of Potassium tetra cyanonickelate K2[Ni(CN)4].H2O and thier interaction with Nucleotides 5′-AMP, 5′-CMP, 5′-UMP, 5′-GMP

Pages : 752-754

Author : Pradeep Kumar

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Metal cynogen complex namely potassium tetracyanonickelate has been synthesized and characterized using magnetic susceptibility, TGA/DTA/ IR, CHN analysis and XRD techniques.Adsorption studies of ribose nucleotides, 5′-AMP, 5′-CMP, 5′-UMP and 5′- GMP were done IR sutdies revealed taht 5′- AMP, 5′- CUMP, 5′-CMP showed significant adsorption. One et al. (11) studied the synthesis of nickel (II) L-cystein, L-methionine, 1-Trypotphan-Nucleotide ternary complex. Ranjan et al. (10) studied the synthesis and electrochemical properties of cyanobridge copper (I) ruthenium(II) complex. Potassium tetrayano nickelate was synthesized according to the reported method (18). 60g (0.228 moles) of Nickel sulfate were added slowly to the solution of potassium cyanide (0.457 moles) with constant stirring. Brilliant red colour solution of K2[Ni(CN)4].H2O was formed. This solution was heated on the hot plate untill small crystals begin to form. They were redissolved and the solution was permitted to cool. The large well formed crystals were obtained. Now the precipitate was filtered under vaccum and washed several times with distilled water. These precipitates were then dried in the own at (60-70 0C) to obtain pure potassium tetracyano nickelate.

Keywords: Absorption spectra, K2[Ni(CN)4].H2O, C, H, N, XRD, IR





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