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Article Published In Vol.3 (Jan-Feb-2015)

Synthesis and Characterization of New Saccharin Derivatives

Pages : 61-72

Author : Redha. I.H.AL-Bayati, Mazin.J.Habib and Athraa. H.Mekky

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This work involves synthesis of new saccharin derivatives. Compound (1) was synthesized from the reaction of saccharin with ethylenediamine in presence few drops glacial acetic acid,while the reaction compound(1) with phenylisothiocyanat gave compound (2) . Acetylation compound (1) produced compound (3) . Pyrazol ,pyranopyrazole compounds (5,6 ) were synthesized from the saccharin hydrazine compound(4). Also some of N-alkyl saccharin compounds (7-14) also compounds (17,18) were synthesized from the reaction sodium saccharin with halo compounds as shown in the scheme (2) and scheme(3).Condensation of ethylenediamine in presence few drops glacial acetic acid with compounds(7,11) produced. Compound(15,16).While hydrolysis of compound (17,18) in acetic media gave compounds (19,20).Compound (21) was synthesized from the reaction of compound (17) with hydrazine . Finally , compound (22) was synthesized from the treatment p-chlorobenzaldehyde with compound (21).

Keywords: Sweetening agent , saccharin, sulfonamide drivatives



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