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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

Technological, biochemical and microbiological characterization of fermented cassava dough use to produce cassava stick, a Gabonese traditional food

Pages : 808-817

Author : MUANDZE NZAMBE Jean Ulrich, GUIRA Flibert, CISSE Hama, ZONGO Oumarou, ZONGO Cheikna, Djbrine Adoum Oumar, TRAORE Yves and SAVADOGO Aly

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Cassava stick is a fermented food made with cassava roots and widely consumed by Gabonese populations. It manufacturing processes are made traditionally, are not often mastered and then affect the product quality. This study aims to determine various manufacturing processes of Gabonese cassava stick and appreciate physicochemical and microbiological aspects of the dough used for production. A survey was carried out among ten producers and fifteen samples were collected for the analysis. The physicochemical and microbiological parameters were determined using standards methods. Bacillus strains have been isolated, characterized biochemically and identified by PCR technique. The investigated parameters values varied from producer to another. The average values of pH, dry matter content and ash content of collected samples were respectively 4.23±0.28; 47.32±2.66 % (w/w) and 1.19±0.49 % (w/w). The total proteins and carbohydrates content were respectively 1.39±0.32 and 90.41±4.03 % (w/w) dry matter. The lipids were detected as traces in all samples. Microbiological analysis of fermented cassava dough showed average values of TMAF, Bacillus, LAB and yeast of 6.82±0.51, 5.34±0.35, 5.84±1.06 and 3.95±0.97 log CFU/g of dough respectively. The samples were not contaminated by Salmonella or Shighella. Bacillus subtilis strains known for theirs bacteriocins production were isolated on fermented cassava dough and could have an important role in spontaneous cassava fermentations considering theirs biochemical properties.

Keywords: Microbial, technological, biochemical, characterization, fermented cassava, stick, Gabon



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