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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Textural Characteristics of Coastal Sediments between Gosthani and Champavathi River Confluence, East Coast of India

Pages : 952-954

Author : Bangaku Naidu K, Reddy.K.S.N, Anil Kumar R, Ganapathi Rao P, Gangadhara Rao and Naveen Kumar

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The studies on textural characteristics are valuable information to understand the source for the evolution of coastal sand environments. A total of seventy one sediment samples from twenty traverses of costal sediments in between Gosthani River mouth in south and Champavathi River in the north confluence (Lat.17º52′-18º.02′ N; Long.83º26′- 83º36’E) has been carried out. The coastal sediments are medium to fine grained (1.68 – 2.80Ø), very well sorted to moderately well sorted (0.26Ø – 0.67Ø), strongly coarse to fine skewed (-0.63to 0.31Ø) and pltykurtic to leptokurtic (0.74Ø – 1.27Ø) in nature and deposited in moderate to high energy environment conditions with dominate rolling, bottom and graded suspension mechanisms. The observations are supported by the frequency distribution curves, CM plots and scatter plots between parameters conforming the bimodal nature to dominant fine sand in different microenvironments (dune, backshore, berm, and foreshore). These textural parameters have been further examined to understand the hydrodynamic conditions of the depositional environments.

Keywords: Textural parameters, coastal sediments, Dune, Backshore, Berm, Foreshore




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