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Article Published In Vol.6 (March-April-2018)

The Albanian Lexicographic Developments in the Second Period

Pages : 292-297, DOI:

Author : Polite Çoçka

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Albanian lexicography is the oldest and the richest field of our linguistic. Its division into two periods, based on temporal criteria (the first period: from the beginning until the second half of the XX century; the second period: from the second half of the XX century until nowadays) fits with the features, characteristics and especially with different levels of development of our lexicography in corresponding periods. They depend to a great extend on the level of social development and the language as well. During the second period, Albanian lexicography was developed side by side with the social and cultural development, like all Albanian linguistics. Albania was already the main centre of lexicographic studies and dictionary compiling. Albanian lexicography developed as a science with a proper aim and study methods. Albanian lexicographic thought was processed and developed, having as a main reference Albanian language lexicon, phraseology and Albanian lexical semantics, being the most important elements of explanatory dictionaries. During this period, previous achievements were evaluated, there was a critical examination of inheritance, to separate the valuable from the invaluable so as to continue work in an organised way in search of words, phrases coming from the folk source.

Keywords: Albanian lexicography, the second period, word, periods, Albanian language



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