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Article Published In Vol.6 (Jan-Feb-2018)

The Approach to Reform Islamic religion

Pages : 42-51, DOI:

Author : Prof. Dr. Omer Najmaldden Inja Aljabbary

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This study (The Approach to Reform Islamic religion) deals with the following: 1 – Islamic religion is a set of rules, laws and instructions created by Allah Almighty to organize human society by bringing benefit to them and the preservation of their necessary interests and preventing any harmful and corrupted things from them. Moreover, it prevents overwhelming anyone in his religion, life, wealth and mind.2- Peace is among the fundamentals of the Islamic religion and it is a means of building the country, spreading religion and cooperation among the members of society in addition to organizing international relations between Islamic countries and others to preserve the common interests of the human being, considering that all people are brothers and they came from one father and one mother, Adam and Eve , and that war is an exception should be resorted only in the cases of defense and aggression. Even in the case of war, it must be resorted to peace and reconciliation. 3. Religion is a means of reforming the relationship between the individuals and the individual with the group to achieve peaceful coexistence. 4 – The Islamic religion is not a religion of violence, killing and aggression as alleged by the hypocrites who want to abuse the religion of heaven; because the appeal of the Islamic religion is an abuse to the rest of the heavenly religions; as the source of religions is Allah Almighty. Moreover, the religion was found to serve the community by organizing and preserving their interests. 5. Responsibility for the preservation of religion is a collective responsibility shared by the individual, society, clergy and the government. It must be legislated and directing the people not to offend religions and by insulting the heavenly religions as it is the source of Chaos and aggression among people.

Keywords: Islamic religion etc.



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